my current and past projects:

This website

Tech used: HTML, PaperCSS, GitHub, GitHub Pages, Jekyll

This is the first 'toy' that I have created from scratch by myself, using some of the frmaework that I have found on the internet such as the ones mentioned above. I will work on this continuously. Some of the features I would like to include in the future includes:

  • Fetch the content I have on my DEV blog
I have kept this website open source, feel free to look at the source code and make any suggestions.

Open Source contributions:

Happy Coding

Tech used: GitHub, Git, Markdown

This is the first contribution I have made on a GitHub open source project. My contribution was mainly on improving the link accessibilities on the site for people who are visiting the site on voice reader. This got me to understand more about website accessibilities as well as the general Git and GitHub workflow. I also learnt a lot about Jekyll as I got to read the source codes of the website. Since this is a coding tutorial website, by contributing to it I also have to read a lot of the tutorials. I learnt about creative coding through the javascript framework p5.js. I am planning to contribute to this website whenever I have spare time.