I am a #codenewbie transitioning into the world of software engineering, my goal right now is to build cool stuff and figure out my groove through different side projects, including this site you're reading! I am currently doing the Le Wagon London Web development bootcamp, the bootcamp will cover full-stack web development with a heavy focus on Ruby on Rails. I also make my public notes here on my DEV blog to share any tips and tricks that I find useful throughout my learning journey. Do hop along and join me on my journey to learn and grow together!

A list of goals in the future:

  • Make a personal site
  • Cloning web apps like:
    • Hacker News
    • Netflix
  • Contribute to a public framework on GitHub with Good FirstTime Issues
  • Create some fun side-projects using publicly available APIs

Hopefully I will be able to cross off some of these goals soon!

a picture of me in front of a friendly cow